ways of making money online, working from home jobsComputers and the internet have enabled several ways of making money online and you are missing out if you have not joined the gravy train. Here are some of the ways you can make money working from home. The sweetest thing about these methods is that you don’t need any start-up costs.

Freelance writing- you can write academic papers, articles, business proposals, and other projects for clients online. To do this, you need to sign up as a freelancer on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. On these two websites, you get to access all kinds of writing, editing, proofreading, and copywriting tasks. The only difference is that on Upwork, you pursue clients by bidding on the jobs they've posted, while on Fiverr, clients find your profile and they hire you if they like it. For guidance on how to succeed as a freelancer on Upwork, check this book on How to Win Jobs on Upwork.

Other websites where you can get writing jobs include freelancewritingcenter.com, uvocorp.com, and academiaresearch.com, but these only focus on academic assignments.

Online language tutoring- they are so many people seeking to migrate into other countries, for marriage, business, tourism, further studies, and what have you. There are therefore many people seeking to learn a foreign language, with the largest number being the Chinese seeking to learn English. Some of the online platforms where you can sign up as an English tutor include VIPkid.com and TutorVista.

Affiliate marketing- in affiliate marketing, you recommend and link to products on your blog, vlog, or social media profiles. When someone clicks on the affiliate links and purchases the product or service from the merchant or e-commerce store, you earn an affiliate commission.

Dropshipping- drop shipping is related to affiliate marketing with the difference being that a buyer completes a purchase (checkout) on your website and then you transfer the customer details to the merchant for shipping. In dropshipping, unlike affiliate marketing, you can set your product prices, but you have the extra burden of handling returns.

Online surveys- they are many product manufacturers and merchants seeking to understand their target markets so that they can produce relevant products and services. Conducting online surveys is one of the methods that help them understand consumer attitudes and habits. You can sign up to take surveys on sites such as PrizeRebel, MintVine, and Swagbucks.

Transcription jobs- in these jobs you work on audio and video files, producing a written text of what is being discussed. Some transcription companies where you can transcribe online include castingwords.com, gotranscript, and Scribie. 

Online translation jobs- just like in the case of language tutoring, they are many people who want to communicate in a different language, for various purposes. But instead of learning a foreign language, they just want someone to translate their thoughts, write up or even a video, from their native language to the foreign language and vice versa.